V Tight Gel Review – My Own Personal Opinion

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3 tubes of popular V-tightening gel

Hello, my name is Jessica and this is my review of the V-tight gel that I’ve been using for a few months now.

For those of you who don’t know, V tight gel is a cream that makes the vaginal walls tighter which leads to better sexual experience.

This is my review of the product, for the official website, click here.

If you’ve had kids, your vagina isn’t what it used to be. Sadly it’s a common issue once you have kids.

It happens to all of us, childbirth and hormonal changes change the condition of your vagina. It produces less natural lubrication and the vaginal walls become loose which makes the sexual experience “not as good as before”.

It simply doesn’t feel the same anymore.

What does V tight gel do?

The V-tight gel is designed to lubricate and tighten your vaginal walls. It improves the elasticity of the inside walls of vagina. This means more fun in the bed.

Since good sexual life is important for any relationship this product can be great. By rejuvenating the vagina your sexual life will improve and when you have fun in the sack it shows in your self-confidence and the intimacy of your relationship.

Well, this is what happened in my case.

I was very self conscious knowing I couldn’t perfrom in bed like I used to.

My husdand didn’t openly complain about it, but I just knew he was a bit disappointed.

I trid different over the counter products, but none seemed to help like I wanted to.

Heck I even considered getting a surgery, but never telling anyone.

Thankfully V-tight-gel works like a charm for me.

How do you know the cream actually works?

From my experience and weekly use of 4 months it has helped me regain every single time I remember.

I simply apply it about 20-15 minutes before going to bed and it hasn’t let me down since.

You get a slight tingly sensastion down there, which I guess means it’s working.

After a few minutes you should be able to feel the difference with your fingers, that’s basically it.

It’s very simple to use, thought the effect wear off after a few hours.

Now I enjoy making love more and, not to mention, my husband is also very happy about the change.

It is pretty cheap compared to other solutions you get in a store or online. doesn’t leave any bad odor. I recommend it to all women with the same problem.

That’s about it really.

What do you think are the Pros & Cons?


  • Effective for most women, though some report minimal changes (talked with some friends of mine)
  • Cheap compared to other alternative solutions
  • Very simple to use just like any other topical gel
  • Safe & natural ingredients make it low risk for allergies
  • No bad odor or scent


  • Not suitable for treating extreme cases
  • The price might be a bit too high for some people (you get what you pay for, they say)
  • The effects are temporary


Price & Ingredients

The price of one container is $39, but there are many packages where you can pay less if you buy more.

With the right bulk package you can get a bottle for less than $20 which makes it quite affordable compared to similar gel products.

Additionally with the gel you receive a simple guide with Kegel exercises which complement the effects of the V tight gel.

The exact ingredients are: Water, (manjakani) fruit extract, arginine, leaf extract, sodium benzoate, sodium PCA and citric acid. None seem to be dangerous.

Are there any dangers of using this product?

In case you are allergic to any of the ingredients above there are no other risks of using this product. It produces no odor or leaves any coloring.

From thorough research and usage of thousands of women, no side effects have been found.

How to use it?

Since this is a topical gel you simply apply it with your fingers in the vaginal region and wait for it to start working. Usually it needs a few minutes to start working which then lasts for hours. This way you have some maneuvering space of when you have intercourse.

Where to buy V tight gel?

The best offers are usually available at the official website where you can choose from different packages depending on your needs.

Click Here to visit the official website with best discount offers available right now.

The Causes Of Loose Vaginal Walls

womanly shapeFor every woman it is important she is healthy and in good shape and that means her nether regions as well.

Unfortunately with time and certain events in our lives, there come changes to our bodies that we might not like. Having looser vaginal walls becomes more or less a fact for every woman in her high age.

For some women this problem occurs at a much younger age which becomes a burden.

When you want to have good sex-life, but you know your body is not up par as it once was. This may be the reason for a less fulfilling life, more fighting in the relationship and self-confidence issues. Here we will go over some of the causes of loose nether walls and how to avoid them.

The Biggest Reason Is…

The biggest reason for this problem is giving birth.

At birth the vaginal walls are stretched to painful extremes and it takes about 6 month to fully heal up and get back to its original tightness.

Contrary to popular belief birth alone does not stretch the vagina, but together with other causes might contribute to the problem. The ability to get back to its original tightness is related to the age of a woman, women in their early twenties usually won’t have any problems, but those over 30 or even over 40, which is getting more common, will have a hard time getting their genitalia back in shape.

The more births you give at higher age the higher the possibility of getting loose. The way to avoid this is to have children as early as possible and not when you are in your middle age.

Why Is Age Important?

The reason why age plays such an important factor is because with age women produce less estrogen which helps with regeneration after the birth. If not enough estrogen is produced you’ll have problems getting loose.

This is why living a healthy stress free life is so important for keeping yourself healthy. More than that is impossible to do since we all get old eventually.

May Some Drugs Have An Impact As Well?

Another cause can be the use of drugs that contribute to hormonal changes as a side effect. There are various drugs out there that might make the vulva dry and less elastic which dampens the sensations during intercourse.

Additionally with age women will live through a changed hormone production which will change the way your body functions, again the age plays an important role, but this could also be the results of some other health problem. Always ask your doctor for some advice on how to best solve this problem. Make sure you use drugs that don’t have this kind of effect on your body and the problem should go away.

Do Not Fall To Despair, There Is A Solution

There are many solutions to tighten vaginal walls some of them are as simple as doing some exercises like Kegel exercises which will help you strengthen the vaginal muscles. Additionally you can make use of certain products like Ben-wa balls which will help you exercise on the go without you putting in conscious effort.

Using vaginal walls gels can also be a quick and simple solution to your problems. The most extreme treatments are having a surgery or electrical stimulation which is done by medical professionals and costs quite some money, but usually gets good results.

The Dangers of Vaginal Treatment

There are many different ways of treating the vaginal problems and conditions and here are some pros and cons about them.

v treatmentUsually the main reason for vaginal rejuvenation is connected to sexual dissatisfaction of some kind.

Maybe you are not happy with how your vagina looks like, maybe you see changes in its condition and how it feels to you and your partner.

The truth is that with time our bodies change and things seems to be different than before and we don’t want to lose that. We want to keep experiencing the old sensations.

Some women are unhappy with how their vagina looks like even though it has no effect on their health or pleasure in bed. Because the society makes us believe that our bodies should look a certain way we are willing to pay a lot of money and go through a stressful surgery to conform to the standards of other people.

While vaginal cosmetic surgery is usually not necessary for health reasons and only helps with the perception and cosmetics, women worldwide are going under the knife to get a different look.

Pros of vaginal surgery

There are many different surgeries that can be done and get different results. Making your vagina look differently on the outside, making it tighter on the inside or everything combined is possible.

Surgery is usually a long term solution with results that last.

Cons of surgery

There are many things that come with surgery that are not perfect. For starters a good surgeon costs a lot of money that many people simply don’t have for spending on unnecessary surgeries.

There is also a possibility of complications, as the surgery is a harsh intervention into the body, things can go wrong and the end results might not be as good as promised. This is especially true with new, unproven surgeons. Also the surgery is no guarantee that the body will stop changing in the future and might not be long since you will be unhappy with your body again.

Pros of hormonal treatment

estrogen treatmentWhen the surgery is not an option for you, there are other cheaper and less intrusive ways of achieving the same results. Hormonal treatments, usually low doses of estrogen are enough to support natural rejuvenation of the vagina.

It is going to be just like in the younger years down there, more lubrication and tighter muscles. The application of this treatment will only take you short visits to your doctor or you simply do it at home with estrogen cream.

Cons of hormonal treatment

Just like with any other hormonal treatments, there are side effects for estrogen treatment. Long term hormonal medication can lead to severe and unwanted effects, this is why long term hormonal treatments are not advised anymore.

But local application of estrogen in the vaginal region still has positive effects on the creation of collagen, which helps with tightening the vaginal walls. Side effects still exist, like stronger vaginal bleeding, painful breasts or nausea. The treatment has to be applied for as long as the problems seem to exist, which means long term commitment.

Pros of creams

There are many advantages to using vaginal creams you can buy online or in any store with cosmetics.

They are easily accessible, as said earlier, and they are much cheaper than other treatments talked about above.

They have an immediate effect and need no time preparing to use it. it is a simply solution you use on per-use basis.

Once you apply it wait for a few minutes and the results will come by themselves. Your partner will be happier and you will feel better in your body again.

Cons of creams

There aren’t many simply that you will have to apply them every time you want it to take effect and reuse it again the next time. This might be a bad thing since not all women to get into a habit of preparing for intercourse.

Above are the most commonly used vagina rejuvenation methods that are helping thousands of women with their aging bodies by making them feel younger again.

Read for yourself which one is best suited for your needs.

How To Improve The Tightness Of Vagina

In oher articles we discuss the issue of weak vaginal walls or also called loose vagina. The reasons being either childbirth, use of drugs, aging process or some sort of disease, this is a problem of a wide range of women from young to old.

The lowered sensations and pleasure during intercourse are the main reason why a lot of people stop having fun in bed which can in turn lead to personal unhappiness or even divorce and separation.

Quality intimate time with your partner is important for keeping your relationship healthy and happy.

When you come into the situation when you realize your vagina is not as tight as it used to be, you will want to do something about it. Below are some of the ways which can help you.

The Simplest Solution, But It Takes Effort

Kegel's position picture
Possible Kegel’s position picture

The simplest and free solution to this problem is Kegel’s exercise.

This well-known exercise is being advised by doctors for many years now and it works great for everyone who is willing to put in the effort.

The exercise is as simple as tightening the muscles with which you hold your urine with and keeping them squeezed for as long as possible, usually a few seconds before letting go.

Do this in sets of 10 at least 3 times per day.

The simplicity of the exercises enables you to do them virtually anywhere.

You can do them at work sitting behind a desk, at home doing dishes or just while relaxing on the sofa. Because they are invisible on the outside you can exercise in almost every situation.

The only issue with Kegel’s exercises is that it takes some effort and discipline to do them consistently. Doing them for one day or a few days is not enough, real results will be visible only after a few months of application.

While the exercises might not take you more than 5 minutes per day, doing them for months can be difficult, with our busy and stressful lifestyle it is easy to forget about it and give up after a few days.

In order for the exercises to be effective and tighten the muscles in your vaginal walls you have to keep doing them over the long run. Stopping will usually result in reversing the condition to the starting point.

What If I Don’t Have The Discipline or Time To Do Kegels All The Time?

While keeping the Kegel’s your daily routine is hard there are other solutions for tightening your vagina.

One of them is using one of the many products which have been developed for this problem alone.

The most common ones are vagina tightening gels which are applied before intercourse and greatly improve the sensations of lovemaking.

One of the best is called V tight gel and is as easy to get as making an order online and getting it delivered to your home.

This way you avoid the embarrassing situation if you had to buy it in a store and letting other people know about your problem. It is easy to use, apply it and wait for a few minutes and you will already see and feel good results.

Not to mention your husband or boyfriend will also appreciate the “new you” down there which will improve the passion and love in your relationship.

Is There a Permanent Solution?

Another proven solution that works is not cheap or simple, but it’s very effective, it is a surgery.

There are many plastic surgeons that tighten vaginal walls with a surgery, but as you probably already know, this costs a lot of money.

If you feel comfortable going under surgery for this reason and paying a few thousand dollars for it then by all means, this is probably the most convenient way of solving this problem, excluding the hassle of the surgery which can take some time to heal after.

Finding a good surgeon can also be problematic as you don’t want just any doctor to do the job, it has to be someone with experience which you can expect to do a good job.

There is also a possibility of certain complications during the surgery as there is no guarantee the results will be 100% good, these are the things you have to take into consideration before having a surgery.

Too many women have been disappointed or even worse off than before the surgery because they didn’t pick the right doctor.

All of the above solutions are viable, but which one you choose depends on your condition and personal circumstance. It is your decision to make how you will take care of your body and your intimate life, hopefully it will improve because of this article too.